Boat Cleaning

Leading the Charge: Sustainability In The Boat Cleaning Industry


In the realm of boat maintenance, where efficacy meets environmental responsibility, ONYX emerges as a game-changer. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, ONYX offers boat owners cutting-edge cleaning products that deliver exceptional results without compromising the health of our oceans. Let’s dive into how ONYX’s eco-aware approach is transforming boat cleaning, from packaging innovation to striving for more eco-friendly formulations.

Sustainable Packaging: ONYX understands the urgency of reducing plastic waste, especially in marine environments. That’s why they’ve revolutionised their packaging, using recyclable materials and minimising excess packaging to ensure boat owners can clean their vessels without leaving a harmful footprint.

Eco-Aware Formulas: ONYX’s eco-aware formulas harness the power to effectively clean boats while being more gentle on our marine ecosystems.

Prevented Ocean Plastic Bottles: Ocean plastic is a global crisis, and ONYX is taking decisive action to combat it. By using coastal recycled materials in our packaging and promoting refillable options, ONYX empowers boat owners to clean responsibly, without adding to the plastic pollution plaguing our oceans. We have partnered with Prevented Ocean Plastic on this journey to clean up our oceans.

Conclusion: With ONYX’s eco-aware boat cleaning products, boat owners can uphold their commitment to environmental stewardship without sacrificing cleaning efficacy. It’s not just about keeping boats pristine; it’s about preserving the health of our oceans for future generations. ONYX is leading the charge towards a cleaner, greener maritime industry, one eco-friendly solution at a time.

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